Curries and Noodles

Get a Taste of Thailand With Our Authentic Curries and Noodles

Craving for some delicious Thai red curry? At Maile's Thai Bistro, you can choose what you want from an amazing selection of Thai curries and noodles. From our aromatic Masaman Curry to Spicy Basil Noodles, try our signature dishes once and you'll be a fan for life! Visit us today at 333 Keahole St # 2B8 with your family and friends.

With each, you have a choice of Vegetable, Vegetable and Tofu, Beef, Chicken, or Pork for the price  $13.90 - $14.90 
Or Shrimp for  $15.90 
Or Fish or Seafood for  $17.90  or  $18.90, based on dishes

Our Menu

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